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CWU Mental Health Survey 2019 Results

In September 2019, the CWU South East Region surveyed its membership with 6 questions in regards to Mental Health, and the results are below. We would like to thank all those who took part which gace us material to work on to improve the CWU's response to Mental Health and in our negotiations with the employers.




1. Which of the following would you regard as a mental health issue?

Every topic listed ranged from the highest 96.3% (Depression) to the lowest 72.0% (Loneliness).


2. Would you agree that mental health in the workplace is an area that the CWU should prioritise when in discussions with your employer?

A huge 96.8% said we should prioritise discussions about Mental Health with the employer.


3. If you were concerned about your own mental health, who would you approach? (rank options from most likely to least likely)

Most people were likely to talk to their manager about their mental wellbeing.


4. If you would approach another person or organisation (not listed in the previous question) when you are concerned about your own mental health please state whom this would be. 

Although there is no graphical display, the vast majority of responses were for Doctor or Family and friends.



5. Whether directly or indirectly, do you believe that there is adequate support for people dealing with mental ill-health in: 

There seems to be no adequate support for people with Mental Health issues, local government comes off worse at 83% and employers at 71.6%


6. Are you aware that a number of your CWU Branch Reps have Mental Health Awareness and or Mental Health First Aid Training that can sign post you to assistance services?

78% of members do not know the union has trained people to assist in Mental Health issues.

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