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What Next?

Hi to all.

After attending training delivered by the CWU we are pleased to announce that there are now three (accredited) union representatives who are happy to offer representation to CWU members within PTF. Whether it be issues relating to your employment within the company or disciplinary/grievance matters there is help and advice that is now available.

We are committed to providing a collective voice for PTF’s workforce. We have been organising the union for less than a year but there have already been some good developments with union members being represented in discipline and grievance hearings with positive results-one member was reinstated after being sacked by PTF

Why Now?

With membership well over 50% this indicates to us that the majority of fundraising staff DO want recognition for the CWU within the company.We feel that is now our responsibility to ensure that you, as PTF’s employees, at least have the opportunity to decide for yourselves whether you wish to see our union recognised within the workplace. That is why we feel this is the right time to pursue a claim for recognition and we hope you will continue to support us in this. Whether you have worked for the company for a few years a few months or a few weeks, this opportunity has never occurred before and may never occur again. We hope we can rely on your support. Now is the time for us to stand together and make a difference.



What do we want?

It is in everyone's interest that PTF as a company prospers and is successful. We believe that securing union recognition would improve PTF as a company in many respects. PTF’s clients-many of which have there own union affiliations-would almost certainly see this as a positive development and PTF could be the first agency of its kind to voluntarily recognise a trade union, that in itself would be groundbreaking

If the company are successful then that is to a great extent due to the work we, as fundraisers, carry out. We make the calls, raise the money and achieve the contacts which ultimately is the lifeblood of any fundraising agency. We are surely important to PTF’s successful reputation, yet we have no bargaining rights with regard to pay, holidays, hours and other issues which directly affect our employment. In Short, at present we have no voice, that is what we are seeking to change.

How do we get there?

Union membership has grown significantly during the last ten months and we are now at a stage where we feel confident in applying for recognition for our union in PTF. We are hoping this will happen with the cooperation of PTF and although previous positive approaches to sit down and talk with the CWU have been ignored, this will be another opportunity for the company to come to the table and begin to build a positive working relationship that benefits us all. With this in mind we have no option than to formally pursue recognition if that is the express want of you, our members. We want to give you the choice of having your union recognised. It isn't a choice PTF will itself offer you without this process.


Union Recognition - What it Means

Meaning and types of trade union recognition

A trade union is said to be recognised when an employer (PTF) agrees to negotiate with it on pay, hours and holiday on behalf of a particular group of workers. (us) The subsequent negotiation process is known as collective bargaining, with the group of workers the union represents referred to as the bargaining unit. (us) Once a union becomes recognised, the employer must conform with certain legal duties .

Voluntary trade union recognition

The most common way a union can gain recognition for collective bargaining purposes is by the employer simply agreeing to recognise it voluntarily. In practice this means the union becomes recognised by the employer without using any legal procedures.

Statutory trade union recognition

If an employer and trade union find they are unable to come to a voluntary recognition agreement, a trade union can make an application for statutory recognition. To follow the statutory procedure, the CWU must first write to the company requesting recognition. It is important to understand that the process can be lengthy, this is because there are specific time limits at each stage of the process, during this time it is vital that membership is sustained and where possible grown.

In General

Over the coming weeks there will be plenty of information coming to you all from the CWU about various parts of the recognition process. Membership is everything in a recognition campaign, and active membership is priceless. CWU members in PTF have built this campaign – it belongs to you and your support is essential. If our colleagues haven’t yet joined the simplest way for them to support this campaign is to join now .

The first stage of our recognition campaign will be a petition that all members and non members can sign to express their desire for union recognition. This petition is to demonstrate to the CAC that PTF’s employees do support a recognition claim. The petition isn’t seen by any management and can be signed in absolute confidence.

We are all aware of the individual advantage of being a union member and this would continue without recognition, but what we all want, is change! Being organised is not only how we can achieve recognition and bargaining rights but how we work together to challenge PTF on issues that matter to us.

Lets not forget that standing together and supporting each other, can bring about the changes we not only want, but are long overdue and needed.

Become Part of Our Union Today

We are CWU members at PTF, organising a union to improve conditions. We want to secure union recognition so that we can negotiate with the company on issues that affect us all with the backing of our independent union, the CWU.

Many of PTF’s clients negotiate with their own employees’ trades unions including, Amnesty, Age Concern, Blue Cross, Mind, RSPCA and the NSPCC. We should also have the same rights.

We believe we have, already, made a difference at PTF but, we need to improve things further. That’s why we are asking you to join our union, the CWU, and get involved in our campaign for recognition.

Union membership costs just

£3.18 per month part time - less than 20 hours a week.

£6.35 per month full time - 20 hours +


Join the Union

Call 0800 731 7434

or download an application form by clicking here (then send it to the email address on the document)


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