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Photo Comp 2019

Shaun Bayford

This one was taken at Eastbourne Air show in 2018 (ish). The picture is pretty much as it came off apart I just cropped it slightly to remove some Sky.

The display is the breitling wing walkers team (there was 2 planes, few years back there used to be more in the display). I used my big old Nikon D500 with zoom lens for this one.


Tina Saunders

The photo was taken in June at the South of England Show at Ardingly, on my iPhone. I’ve always loved horses, especially the heavy ones and they look so well turned out and polished as they parade around the ring. I slightly enhanced the colour and warmth as it was quite a wet and dreary day. 



Ian Carter

It was taken in the summer of 2018 at Scotney Castle from the foot bridge at one end of the moat.

It was taken at a focal length of 26mm allowing plenty of the surrounding tree’s and also for the reflection to fit in with the composition. I used the lily pad in the centre of the water as the estimated hyper focal distance  Minor adjustments to bring the blue out, reduction of minor highlight clipping. Also, minor shadow adjustment on the water to show the reflection better.


Teamwork Click for photos entered

This category should show a team working together. Like the photo on the left shows there are many types of teamwork, and some of them do not involve people at all.


People Click for photos entered

An interesting photo that involves people. It can show many, a few, or just one person it’s more of the interest and framing that is more important. If the photo projects a story makes it even better.


Sporting Endeavour Click for photos entered

A photo in this category will likely be colourful and probably fast. The scope for this  is rather large, so do make sure they are in focus and framed to produce the best shots.


Colours Click for photos entered

Another category which leads to a large variety of photos. This is anything that is colourful, fields of lavender, an army spectacle, or as the photo beside the multiple colours found in a bubble.


South East England Click for photos entered

This photo would be quintessentially of our home area. It could be a building, a landmark, a scenery or even an event which can be attributed to the South East.


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Left Click - Photography Course Branch Photo Comp Rules 2019 Guide to how to take good pictures

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