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 Vice Chair & Safety Coordinator

Rick Cobern

rick I started my Journey with the Union around 9 years ago becoming a member of the Branch Committee, then under the excellent and nurturing tutelage of George Hannah, the then safety coordinator, I became a Branch Union safety Rep. After attending Alvescot Lodge and completing the H&S training courses I took on a little more responsibility and became the Safety Officer East.

 I then, recognising the close relationship between Industrial relations and safety, attended the Union skills courses, eventually becoming Vice chairperson of the branch.

Since then I have continued my focus on health and safety, ultimately securing the role of Branch Safety Coordinator.

My continuing mission is to Simplify Organise and Amplify the safety message, and the processes that go with it. 

None of this would be possible without the support of our Safety team & URS’s who work tirelessly in the background, for which I am very grateful.    

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