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Brighton Office

CWU Room PP102,
Withdean Grange,
London Road,
East Sussex,

Sevenoaks Office

CWU Room,
Sevenoaks Workstyle Building,
160 London Road,
TN13 1BT


Tunbridge Wells Office

CWU Room PP305,
Tunbridge Wells ATE,
17 St Johns Road,
Tunbridge Wells,

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By all means contact us about this website or anything CWU branch related, by using the web form provided. If you would like a response, make sure you put your details in correctly

This website does not sell anything, it’s purely for informing members more about the what the branch is doing and how to get in contact with us, should they not know.

Do not use this contact form to advertise your goods, as we will hate you and despise your products! Also if you send us something, we’re are not multilingual so anything in a language other than English will be ignored

If you have a similarly linked website – please let us know and we will consider adding your URL to this website, if relevant.


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