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Steve T

Financial & Assistant Secretary

Steve Taylor

I joined BT in November 1987 as what was called a materials handler (stores) in the Aylesford District Warehouse.

I finally managed to sneak away from Materials in 1989 and became a CAL man, working in the Maidstone area. In 1994 I transferred into the Tunbridge Wells area, and based at Heathfield, it was at this point I became an union activist.

After 11 years as a field engineer, skilled in CAL, OMI, FJ, Digital, PW, SFIO and even a bit of acting manager, I decided to have a change in direction and went into Migration Services based at Tunbridge Wells. It was at this point I decided to become more of an activist and became the first Equal Opps Officer for Tunbridge Wells.

Things have progressed since that date and I have taken on many roles under the tutelage of the old chair Dennis Noble, of which most important was Financial Secretary and Assistant Secretary East. I now attend meetings with the SOM’s and represent South East Central in regional meetings, and defended many members who found themselves on the wrong side of the discipline procedure.

I am the branch union learning co-ordinator and have recently graduated from theĀ Open University with an Honours Degree in History. I am avant fan of education and believe most people are capable of higher education if only given the oppotunity. As union learning co-ordinatorĀ  I want to give poeple this chance even if its just small tasters with the use of infromal learning or free online course that I have advertised. But to be of greater use to you, the members, I need to know what you want to learn, so please drop me a line and let me know.

Learning is for everyone.

Outside of work, I am a councillor in the Heathfield and Waldron parish council and am a happy “Longbow Archer”, (in archery longbow archers are known for their strange happiness).

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